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GTS Schedule

The Genetics Training Seminars (GTS) series introduces basic methods and techniques, "good laboratory practice", but also newly-acquired equipment to our students and members of the Faculty of Biology. Although mainly designed for PhD and undergraduate students, this seminar series is open to everyone who is interested in a particular technique or machine. The seminars will be presented every third Friday of the month, 1-3 pm. You will find a schedule with the next GTS below.


GTS 2017 

21.07.17 Dr. Brooke Morriswood (Universität Würzburg)
"A primer on proximity labelling", in room B01.019

23.06.17 Prof. Dr. Stig Uggerhoj Andersen (Universität Aarhus)
"Natural variation and population genetics - Insights into plant adaptation", in room B01.019

16.06.17 moved to the 23th of June

19.05.17 moved to the 18th of May

18.05.17 Prof. Dr. Thorben Cordes (LMU Munich, Physical and Synthetic Biology)
"From structure to function: a single-molecule toolkit for dynamic structural biology", in room B01.027 at 5 pm


27.01.17 Dr. Otto Berninghausen (LMU Biocenter, Genetics)
"Recent advances in single-particle cryo-electron microscopy" in room G00.001

20.01.17 Dr. David Chiasson (LMU Biocenter, Genetics)
"Golden Gate Cloning" in room B01.027

GTS 2016

16.12.16 Dr. Michaela Smolle (LMU Biomedical Center, Physiological Chemistry)
"Characterising Molecular Interactions - Biophysics In Action" in room B01.027

18.11.16 cancelled

21.10.16 cancelled 

15.07.16  Dr. Tobias Straub  (LMU Biomedical Center)
"Characterizing genome-wide transcription factor binding in vivo and in vitro, in room B01.019

24.06.16  Prof. Dr. Peter Becker  (LMU Biomedical Center)
"Dosage compensation in Drosophila: vital chromosome-wide fine-tuning of transcription", in room B01.019

25.05.16  Prof. Dr. Andreas Ladurner  (LMU Biomedical Center)
"NAD signalling and acetyl-CoA metabolism in chromosome dynamics"

22.01.16  Dr. Christopher Grefen (ZMBP Tübingen)
"In vivo protein-protein interaction techniques and their application"


GTS 2015

18.12.15  Dr. Sebastian Bultmann  (LMU Biozentrum)
"CRISPR/Cas-assisted genome engineering: strategies and applications"

20.11.15  PD Dr. Ralf Heermann  (LMU Biozentrum)
"Heat, flow and light - What´s new in the bioanalytics core facility?"

16.10.15  Dr. Yvonne Stahl  (Universität Düsseldorf)
"Protein interaction and dynamics analyzed by advanced fluorescence techniques in planta"

17.07.15  Boshart, Leonhardt, Ott labs  (Biozentrum Martinsried)
"BioID: A proximity-based method to identify stable and transient protein interaction partners in vivo"

19.06.15  Dr. Esben Lorentzen  (MPI Biochemistry, Martinsried)
"A multi-disciplinary approach to elucidate the architecture of macromolecular complexes"

08.05.15  Prof. Dr. Thomas Carell  (LMU München, Organic Chemistry)
"New Bases in our Genome"

23.01.15  Prof. Dr. Gert Wörheide  (LMU München, Palaeontology & Geobiology)
"Current affairs in deep non-bilaterian phylogenomics"

16.01.15  Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eisenreich  (TU München, Biochemistry)
"Isotopologue profiling of bacterial metabolism"


GTS 2014

19.12.14  Prof. Dr. Andreas Klingl  (LMU Biozentrum, Botanik)
"The cell wall of Archaea  & Co. - structural and functional studies using electron microscopy and molecular methods"

17.10.14  Dr. Matias Zurbriggen  (BIOSS Freiburg)
"Plant and Mammalian Synthetic biology: from understanding signaling processes to tool development"

18.07.14  Dr. Jerome Basquin  (MPI Biochemie, Martinsried)
"Macromolecular crystallization : Growing the lens to visualize macromolecular complexes"

06.06.14  PD Dr. Jörg Meurer  (LMU Biozentrum, Botanik)
"RNA-based approaches to elucidate organelle biology"

09.05.14  Dr. Katja Sträßer  (LMU Genzentrum, Biochemie)
"ChlP, CLIP and siblings: How genome- and transcriptome-wide methods help us to understand the function of proteins"

11.04.14  PD Dr. Eric Lambie  (LMU Biozentrum, Zell- und Entwicklungsbiologie)
"Forward and reverse genetic analysis in C. elegans"

21.02.14  Prof. Marc Bramkamp  (LMU Biozentrum, Mikrobiologie)
"Methods in bacterial single cell analysis"

24.01.14  Dr. Julio Ortiz  (Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Structural Biology)
"Electron cryo-tomography: From molecules to cells"

17.01.14  Dr. Pascal Falter-Braun  (TU München)
"Network Science Arabidopsis: power and dirty little secrets"


GTS 2013

15.11.13  Wolfgang Enard  (LMU, Anthropology and Human Genetics)
"RNA-Seq and applications to study human gene expression evolution"

26.07.13  Benjamin Bowman  (MPI Biochemistry)
"What´s my impact? - The use & misuse of scientometrics"

21.06.13  Guido Grossmann  (University of Heidelberg)
"Nanosensors and microfluidics - tools for probing molecule dynamics in plants"

17.05.13  Stefan Laurent  (LMU, Faculty of Biology; Ecology)
"Statistical methods for identifying targets of positive selection"

15.02.13  Markus Hartl  (AG Finkemeier; LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Advances in Plant Proteomics"

18.01.13  Anne Classen  (LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Studying human diseases using Drosophila as a model system"


GTS 2012

21.12.12  Philipp Baaske  (Fa. NanoTemper)
"Some like it hot: Analysing protein-ligand interactions by thermophoresis"

16.11.12  Björn Sieberer  (Olympus Germany)
"Basics of multiphoton-microscopy"

26.10.12  Renier van der Hoorn  (Max-Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne)
"Chemical tools to unravel the role of protein activities in plant immunity and beyond"

20.07.12  Heinrich Jung  (LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Tools for studying membrane proteins: solubilization, reconstitution, analytical methods"

22.06.12  Roland Wedlich-Söldner  (MPI for Biochemistry, Martinsried)
"Combining genetics and imaging - the power of live cell microscopy"

20.04.12  Falk Butter  (MPI Biochemistry, Mann Department)
"MS-based quantitative proteomics - developments and applications"

16.03.12  Nico Dissmeyer  (IPB Halle)
"Conditional mutants and tunable protein expression in Arabidopsis thaliana"

17.02.12  Petra Wendler  (Gene Center of the LMU)
"Single particle cryo EM on moving protein complexes"

27.01.12  Rüdiger Simon  (University of Düsseldorf)
"Receptor kinase signalling in plant stem cell control"


GTS 2011

18.11.11  Anja Drescher  (GE Healthcare Germany)
"Label-free interaction analysis with Biacore T200"

14.10.11  Martin Parniske  (LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and handling of small lab equipment"

19.08.11  Andreas Brachmann  (LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Recent advances in sequencing technology"

22.07.11  Edda von Roepenack-Lahaye  (LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Metabolomics and more"

10.06.11  Axel Imhoff  (LMU, Faculty of Medicine)
"Recent advances in mass-spec technology"

13.05.11  Dirk Metzler  (LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Analysis of experimental data with statistical methods: guidelines and pitfalls"

18.03.11  Gregor Witte  (Gene Centre of the LMU)
"How to get structural information of my protein using X-ray crystallography and small-angle scattering"

14.01.11  Jörg Nickelsen  (LMU, Faculty of Biology)
"Purification of protein complexes"